Our Inspiration

Apart from what you can see in our news feed and galleries you don't really know who we are. So we thought it important to share our inspirations to help you get a better feel for who we are and what we like. This page is the heart of our professional development and the energy that keeps us going. Please take some time to visit the links provided to see the amazing work on display...

in no particular order...

Disclaimer. Please note that the lovely images above were not taken by us. 

Glyn Dewis

Glyn Dewis is a photographer, retoucher, trainer, author, KelbyOne & Photoshop World Instructor from the UK. Attending one of Glyn’s workshops in Bicester was an eye opener as to the power of Photoshop. Glyn also has a fantastic YouTube channel where he openly shares his photography & Photoshop skills. These videos have formed the spine of everything we have learnt about Photoshop. 

Link: https://www.glyndewis.com

Lindsay Adler

Lindsay is an American portrait and fashion photographer based out of Manhattan, New York. She is a highly effective trainer with an amazing ability to explain things in a way that you can relate to. Lindsay's positive attitude and quality of work makes her a leading light for everything we do. In addition to the photography, equipment and technique, Lindsay also has an incredible understanding of the human shape. Learning how to shape the body in front of the lens is an art of its own and the lessons learnt have made us more confident managing different body types.

Link: http://www.lindsayadlerphotography.com

Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby is an American photographer and an author and publisher of periodicals dealing with photography and Adobe Photoshop software, specifically for design professionals, photographers, and artists. Scott is another artist not afraid to share what he knows. His London seminar in 2015 was another light bulb moment for us where we learnt how to use the power of Adobe Lightroom to improve our workflow and quality. 

Link: http://scottkelby.com

Susan Stripling

In 2012, Susan was named among the Top Ten Photographers by American Photo Magazine. She’s won multiple awards at the WPPI 16×20 print competition including the Grand Award in Wedding Photojournalism, and has been in the Top Twenty for the Fearless Photographers, an association of which she is proud to be a member. Susan's wedding photography has always stood out to us and is the driving force behind our creativity and the way we manage the photography on the 'big day'.

Link: http://www.susanstripling.com/

Lara Jade

Lara is a fashion, portrait and advertising photographer who currently resides in New York City. She grew up in the UK, where she discovered her interest in photography at an early age. Lara's attitude towards her work provides us with the energy needed to carry on. Her lovely nature and creative eye makes her a stand out example of what every photographer should aim to be.

Link: http://larajade.co.uk

Frank Doorhof

Frank Doorhof is a fashion photographer specialising in workshops and seminars. He is the best selling author of ”Mastering the model shoot" and is also a KelbyOne instructor. Frank is a larger than life character who made an immediate impact on us. We first met him during the FOCUS Show at the NEC. He is a fantastic trainer with an amazing eye for photography. It was during one of Frank's workshops in LegoLand when we realised how blind we were to our surroundings. With Frank's help we have slowly started to develop this important skill of using our eyes to find the right image. His talent and great sense of humour make Frank a top recommendation for any training that he offers.

Link: http://www.frankdoorhof.com

Joel Grimes

Driven by the creative process, Joel views himself as an illusionist, creating portraits larger than life. We started to follow Joel when we found CreativeLive and started watching their free lessons. His strong images opened our eyes to the world of compositing and managing HDR background imagery. The lessons learnt from Joel's lighting techniques have formed our 'goto' lighting for a majority of portrait sessions.

Link: http://joelgrimes.com

Sue Bryce

Multi-talented Sue Bryce is a Master Photographer, Artist, Illustrator, and anthropologist. Her style of contemporary fashion-inspired portraiture gives her clients the experience of looking like the women in magazines and feeling beautiful. Sue has played a huge part in our natural light photography and our understanding of posing the body. Her style of photography is unique and always visually stunning. Her personal journey is inspiring and helps to push us on. We have our fingers crossed that Sue will visit the UK some time soon so we can attend one of her workshops or seminars.

Link: http://www.inbedwithsue.com

Amanda Diaz

Amanda Diaz has worked as a freelance Photographer in Canada since Mid 2008. – Her focus in photography ranges from Fashion, Conceptual, Beauty and Portraiture. Her work has been featured in multiple blogs, magazines and websites from around the world. She was nominated as one of the top ten fashion/ editorial photographers of 2012 with the Framed Network. She has shot in different cities across Canada and began teaching Fashion & Beauty workshops in 2013.

Link: https://amandadiaz.com

Ross Harvey

Dreamer and philosopher. Best Wedding Photographer in England 2013 & 2014 - UK #1 Fearless Awards. Fine art + photojournalism. Awarded Best Wedding Photographer in England 2013 & 2014. Covering the UK, Europe and the world.

Link: http://www.rossharvey.com