1st Place SWPP Portrait Photography Competition


We love working with MUA Tracy from www.makeupmonkey.co.uk. Tracy asked us to help with a photoshoot, as one of her friends needed a project for his photography course at school. Tracy wanted to create some ''cosmic'' body paint on a male model we both know, but also wanted to have her hard work captured professionally. We spent an afternoon in Bristol at Eyebox studio being creative with model Paul Walker, who was fantastic.

We shoot with Nikon D750 and for this partphoto shoot with a Nikon 70-200mm lens. For lighting we use Godox AD200 with Godox X-pro-N Nikon TTL wireless Flash trigger on Pixapro retractable lightstands with a Interfit beauty dish along with two Phot-R Professional rectangular umbrella strip modifiers. We preview via ''ControlMyCamera'' by Zoltan Hubai on our Apple iPad pro and use aSecondic Flashmate L-308S Digital Light/Flash Meter for light metering.

Post production was done with adobe lightroom and adobe photoshop.