Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: Charlotte & Daniel

A pre-wedding photoshoot with the lovely Charlotte and Daniel at Hestercombe Gardens in Taunton. This was our chance to talk about their big day and try out some posing tips. A lovely afternoon with a lovely couple in a lovely location. Why can’t all afternoons be like this… x

Acknowledgement: Thank you to Hestercombe Gardens for allowing us to use your venue. A truly stunning place to visit. We will definitely be back, without the cameras, to explore your lovely gardens.

Engagement: Jem & Steven

A lovely afternoon with Jem & Steven

We managed to find a lovely location close to the couple. Whilst we didn't have as much time as we wanted, due to the place closing, we did have a plan B and managed to get all the images we wanted.

Julie & Mike

On Saturday we met with the lovely Julie & Mike prior to their September wedding. We spend some time getting to know them better and going through their big day's events and planning.  We took Julie & Mike for a photo shoot locally to the couple to make them feel more comfortable in front of the camera and to give some posing tips. This is great practice for the wedding day and helps getting to know all those important valuable little details. It was a lovely and very hot day. We are looking forward to the wedding day!


Jem & Steven


Congratulations to Jem & Steven on their engagement! Here is a sneaky peek of Saturday's photo shoot with the lovely couple. We are looking forward to capturing their wedding day next!


Engagement: Charlotte & Paul

A lovely afternoon with Charlotte & Paul

Engagement: Charlotte & Jason

A lovely morning in the Laverton with Charlotte & Jason