Rapunzel, Rapunzel; Come show us your flair...

Our fabulous Rapunzel style photo shoot. Exactly what we had pictured, even the weather provided some great atmosphere after weeks of sunshine! 

Thank you so much to a very talented team who gave their time and massive effort to make our concept come to life...

Hair: Hayley Derbyshire, Fore Hair in Westbury (www.facebook.com/Fore-hair-251411244889070http://www.forehair.com/

Model: Tann Marie (www.facebook.com/TannandCurtishttp://purpleport.com/portfolio/tann/)

MUA: Rachel Neate (www.facebook.com/RachelNeateFreelanceMakeupandHairArtisthttp://rachelneatemakeup-hairartist.co.uk/

Styling, concept and photography: NeumannGraham Photographers